Bake & Paint Mermaid Cupcake Kit - 100% Edible

  • Bake & Paint Mermaid Cupcake Kit - 100% Edible

Bake & Paint Mermaid Cupcake Kit - 100% Edible

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  • Description

Bake and paint your own 100% edible mermaid cupcakes! Bake and craft never looked so delicious, with stand up edible toppers the kids can paint and eat!!!!

This DIY Mermaid Cupcake Kit is perfect for all ages, although the little ones will need a grown up to help them crack the eggs and cut their edible toppers. Everything you need is in the kit including the natural and clean dry ingredients, bake and serve baking cups, natural sprinkles, edible paints, a food grade paint brush and edible toppers. Just add milk, butter and eggs (or allergen free alternatives).  

Not keen on the craft idea? Try the pre-designed Mermaid Cupcake Kit. There is also a beautiful Mermaid cake kit to match the cupcakes if you have more mouths to feed.

We believe anything is possible if you believe in yourself, and a little magic!


  • Vanilla or chocolate organic cupcake mix(s) (unrefined sugar). Gluten-free^ available too.
  • Pure icing sugar (no starches or preservatives)
  • SupaDust's blue plant-based superfood colouring
  • Natural sprinkles
  • Edible images (scissors required)
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • Bake and serve baking cups, 12 or 24 (email for party packs)
  • Disposable star piping kit
  • Wooden spatula
  • Skewer (to test if cakes are cooked)


  • Fresh ingredients: eggs, milk & butter (or allergy friendly alternatives) 
  • An electric mixer (if you don't have one, hopefully a neighbour or friend can lend you theirs), a mixing bowl, mixing spoon, measuring cups, serrated & non-serrated knife (or offset spatula), plastic wrap and aluminium foil.  


    • Vanilla or chocolate organic cupcake mix(s) (unrefined sugar). Gluten-free^ available too.  View ingredient list HERE
    • Pure Icing Mix: 100% Cane Sugar.
    • Natural Food Colouring: SupaDust's 100% Blue Spirulina Powder
    • Natural Sprinkles: Sugar, Corn Starch, Rice Flour, Potato Starch, Maltodextrin,  Vegetable Fat (Coconut Oil, Rice Rran Oil), Stabilizers (Gum Arabic, Colours (Spirulina Extract, Vegetable Carbon, Titanium Dioxide), Emulfiser (Sunflower Letchin), Anti Caking Agent (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate),  Glazing Agent (Camauba Wax), Hypromellose.
    • Wafer Paper: Potato Starch, Water, Olive Oil, Maltodextrin. 
    • Edible Inks: Ingredients: Water, Humectant (E422). Colourings: E151, E122, E133, E102, E110. Acidifier: E330, Preserver: E202 

    ^ Packed in a facility that also handles Nuts, Trees Nuts, Gluten, Dairy and other allergens. Not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease.