Do you remember your parents making age shaped cakes for your birthday? Now it's your turn to pass on the tradition, only we've made it easier for you with an A4 pre-cut stencil,  rectangular baking tray and all the pre-proportioned dry ingredients and decorations.

All ingredients are natural, except for a few cheeky sweets. Egg and dairy alternatives available for the cake & icing mixes.

We believe anything is possible if you believe in yourself, and a little magic!


  • 2x organic vanilla cake mix(es) (unrefined sugar) or option to add organic cocoa powder for a deliciously natural chocolate cake
  • Pure icing sugar (no starches)
  • Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions
  • A4 pre-cut stencil shape to easily cut the desired shape 
  • A4 rectangular shaped disposable baking tray 
  • Silver rectangular cake board to serve on
  • Skewer (to test if cakes are cooked)
  • Wooden spatula 
  • Plant based food colouring 
  • Confectionary as chosen 

Serves 12-16ppl


  • Fresh ingredients: eggs, milk & butter (or allergy friendly alternatives) 
  • An electric mixer (if you don't have one, hopefully a neighbour or friend can lend you theirs), a mixing bowl, mixing spoon, measuring cups, serrated & non-serrated knife (or offset spatula), plastic wrap and aluminium foil.  


    • Organic Vanilla Cake Mix: Organic Unbleached Plain Wheat Self Raising Flour, (Sodium Bicarbonate, Moncalcium Phosphate Monohydrate), Organic Unrefined Raw Cane Sugar and Organic Vanilla Powder. Contains Wheat (Gluten). May contain traces of Soy and Egg.
    • Pure Icing Mix: Pure Cane Sugar. 
    • All custom ingredients chosen will be available in your cake kit.