Celebrate Their First Milestone : Top First Birthday Party Themes

by Zoe Pester on Jun 27, 2024

Celebrate Their First Milestone : Top First Birthday Party Themes

A child’s first birthday is a huge milestone, marking a year full of growth, giggles, and unforgettable moments. Make it even more magical by starting a family tradition and making your little one's 1st Birthday cake yourself. With Bake Believe it is so easy, even if you are a total rookie baker!

Here are some whimsical first birthday party themes, each complemented by playful activities and decorations, along with ideas for themed cakes that you can easily make at home with our DIY baking kits from Bake Believe. Let’s make this first bash a real smash!

1. Wild One Theme

Turn your home into a jungle jubilee for a "Wild One" safari-themed party. Drape foliage, string up animal print streamers, and scatter plush safari animals around the party zone. For a roaring good time, organise a mini safari hunt for stuffed animals. Our Safari Cake Kits will help you create a cake that’s the lion’s share of attention, perfect for your little animal lover.

2. Groovy One or Daisy Theme

Think bright, think cheerful, think daisies! Deck out your space with flower power—from garlands to daisy-shaped cushions. Set up a petal-perfect photo booth with floral props. Our Daisy Cake Kits provide everything you need to bake a cake that’s as sunny as your baby's smile, making everyone feel daisy-lightful!

3. Teddy Bears' Picnic Theme

What’s more "bear-y" cute than a teddy bear picnic? Lay down checkered blankets, set out wicker baskets, and invite guests to bring their favourite teddy. Serve 'bear-y' delicious snacks and use our Teddy Bear Cake Kit to bake a cake that’s too cute to bear—perfect for a beary special birthday.

4. First Lap Around the Sun Theme

Brighten up the day with sun and cloud decorations in joyful yellows and sky blues. How about some sun-sational bubble popping fun for the little ones? Our Sunshine Cake Kit includes all you need to bake a cake that’s radiant and cheery, just like your little sunshine.

5. Peter Rabbit Theme

Hop into the charming world of Beatrix Potter with a garden-themed party. Decorate with lots of greenery and bunny motifs. Set up a veggie patch corner for healthy snacks. Our Peter Rabbit Cake Kit is perfect for creating a whimsically sweet cake that Peter would hop miles for!

6. Farm Animal Theme

Yeehaw! Turn up the barnyard fun with hay bale seats, cow print balloons, and a mini farm setup. How about some pony rides or a 'quack-tastic' duck pond game? Our Farm Animal Cake Kits let you whip up a cake that’s the pick of the pasture, with adorable farm animal decorations.

7. Unicorns & Rainbows Theme

Unleash some magic with a unicorn or rainbow-themed party. Think pastel explosions, glitter everywhere, and unicorn headbands for all. Set up a magical arts and crafts station. Use our Unicorn Cake Kit to bake a cake that’s every bit as enchanting as those mythical creatures or bake a rainbow.

8. Construction Theme

Build a fantastic party with a construction theme. Decorate with mini traffic cones, caution tape, and offer little hard hats to guests. Set up a fun building block station. Our Construction Cake Kits includes everything to construct a cake that will stop traffic right at your dessert table.

9. Fairy/Princess Theme

Create an enchanting fairy or princess wonderland with sparkly lights, soft tulle, and shiny tiaras. Organise a fairy tale parade or a tiny tea party. Our Fairy Cake Kits add a touch of magic to any first birthday, or  conjures up a regal cake that’s fit for your little royal.

Each theme promises not just a party, but a fantastical adventure, turning your child's first birthday into a celebration filled with joy and laughter. With a little imagination and a Bake Believe cake kit, create a first birthday party that you'll remember always.