Hello, I'm Fiona! 

Mum to this little man, a cheeky 2 year old boy and a new little bundle of joy on the way. 

My story is a little different, a little unexpected. It started years ago, but it’s not until now that I found a way to share it with the world.

From a young age, I had dreamed of being an Australian Olympic skier. It felt real and possible, until self-doubt kicked in. Being told by my coach not to cross the finish line as I wasn't performing at my best, all to protect his pride, squashed more than just my dream, it shattered my confidence.

I was 15 when this event unfolded, competing in an international ski race in Austria. Maybe it was because I couldn’t speak German, or maybe it was because I never talked about it with anyone after the event, or both, but it took a few years to really understand the significance of what had happened that day. It was the day I stopped believing in myself and my dreams, and it impacted my life in so many ways outside of skiing.

bake believe is my little way of sharing with the world that the greatest gift you can give yourself and your children is positive self-belief. The bake believe journey starts in the kitchen, but there are so many more wonderful ideas I hope to one day share with the world in the spirit of our manifesto.


Fast forward a few years to April 2017, fresh into motherhood, a genuine disaster unfolded in the kitchen in my attempt to make a magical cake for my son’s first birthday. Flour everywhere, sinking cake, kids complaining – divorce worthy, almost!

Like many of you, I have many wonderful memories of my parents baking incredible cakes, but in today's mayhem of juggling work and family life, attempts to recreate these masterpieces for our own children can be stressful, as we’re time poor and often not confident bakers.

After throwing myself into baking, and spending many hours in the kitchen, in and around full-time work and family life, bake believe was born – delivering deliciously simple cake kits for life's little celebrations!

Each cake kit is designed to be simple, yet fun. They can be made by yourself, or together, with little people in the kitchen. From birthday cakes to cupcake kits, and plenty more fun bakes to come.

My hope is to inspire busy parents and first time to get their bake on without all the stress and guilt. To experience the joy and pride of seeing their little ones eyes light up, knowing they made every crumb of it!