Dino-roar into Fun: How to Throw a Dinosaur-Themed Kids Party

by Zoe Pester on Apr 05, 2024

Dino-roar into Fun: How to Throw a Dinosaur-Themed Kids Party

Step back in time and create a prehistoric adventure your little palaeontologist will never forget. A dinosaur-themed party is a timeless favourite, captivating the imaginations of children.

From ferocious T-Rexes to the gentle Brontosaurus, there's a dinosaur for every enthusiast. And with Bake Believe, bringing this ancient world to life is easier than ever. With over a dozen dinosaur cake designs to choose from, as well as themed cupcakes and cookies, your party is sure to be a roaring success. Here's your guide to hosting the ultimate dinosaur-themed kids party.

Invitations: Set the Prehistoric Scene

Kick off your dinosaur adventure with invitations that make a statement. Consider designs featuring dinosaur footprints, fossils, or even a map leading to a hidden dinosaur land. Let the invitations serve as the first clue to the exciting journey your guests are about to embark on.

Decorations: Create Your Own Jurassic Park

Transform your party space into a prehistoric landscape. Think jungle foliage, dinosaur cutouts hiding amongst potted ferns, and inflatable dinosaurs to set the scene. Hang vines from the ceiling and set up a volcano or two for that authentic Jurassic feel. Don’t forget the signage - “Beware of Dinosaurs”, “Jurassic Park Ahead”, and “Dino Crossing” can add fun and authenticity to your setup.

Activities and Games: Dino-mite Fun

Keep your little dinosaurs entertained with themed activities and games. A dinosaur egg hunt can have kids searching for hidden treasures around the party area. Consider a “Dino Dig” sandpit where kids can unearth buried dinosaur bones and fossils. For crafty fun, have a station for making dinosaur masks or decorating their own dinosaur cookies, with the Bake Believe Dinosaur Cookie Kit.

The Main Attraction: Dinosaur Cakes, Cupcakes, and Cookies from Bake Believe

No dinosaur party would be complete without themed treats, and Bake Believe has you covered. Choose from over a dozen spectacular dinosaur cake designs, perfect for making your child's special day unforgettable. Each kit comes with everything you need to bake and decorate, making the process foolproof and fun – even if you're not a baker. 

Food and Drink: Prehistoric Bites

Serve up some dino-themed snacks like “Pterodactyl Wings” (chicken wings), “Herbivore Delight” (fruit and veggie platter), and “Carnivore Bites” (meatballs or mini sausages). For drinks, “Dino DNA Juice” (fruit punch) and “Lava Flow” (red cordial and soda) can quench the thirst of your adventurous guests.

And don't forget the dinosaur-themed cupcakes and cookies, ensuring there's plenty of prehistoric deliciousness to go around. These edible creations are not just a feast for the eyes but a delightful journey back in time, sure to impress both young and old.

Party Favours: Take-Home Treasures

Send your guests home with their very own piece of the prehistoric world. Dinosaur figurines, dino stickers, and mini dinosaur eggs can make for the perfect party favour, ensuring the magic of the day continues.

Conclusion: A Timeless Adventure

A dinosaur-themed kids party is more than just a celebration; it’s an adventure into the past, sparking curiosity and wonder in the hearts of children. With Bake Believe’s dinosaur cakes, cupcakes, and cookies, bringing this ancient world to life is deliciously simple. So, get ready to roar into fun and make this party a stomping good time!

Ready to start planning? Head over to our Dinosaur Collection and choose the perfect prehistoric treat to complete your dinosaur bash. Let the adventure begin!