Gingerbread Friends Cookies Kit
Gingerbread Friends Cookies
Gingerbread Friends Cookies
Gingerbread Friends Cookies
Gingerbread Friend Cookie Kits
Gingerbread Friends Cookies
Gingerbread Friends Cookie Kit

Gingerbread Friends Cookie Kit

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Product description

Bake yourselves a sweet Christmas memory with our Gingerbread Friends Cookie Kit! Designed for your kids to have fun baking and creating during the school holidays or on Christmas Day. They make a fun gift for school friends, grandparents or just to enjoy themselves. Each kit also comes with two colour Christmas chef hats to keep the kids busy whilst the cookies are in the oven - bake, create and enjoy!

Our Gingerbread Friends DIY Cookie Kit is designed for little (& big!) bakers to bake with their family and friends. Everything you need is in the kit including 100% natural ingredients (natural cookie mix, pure icing sugar, natural sprinkles and plant-based colouring), a gingerbread friends cookie cutter and embosser, disposable piping bags and a wooden rolling pin (optional). Vegan-friendly and gluten-free options are available.

It's our mission to make baking fun, easy, natural and inclusive, so every parent and child can successfully bake and enjoy the experience together (even if they hate baking!), and every kid can enjoy a cookie. That’s why use 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly and allergy-friendly alternatives are available.

Magic is Bake Believing.

Serves 10 to 30 large cookies.

Please note: there's no ginger mix in our cookies due to fussy little tastebuds, but we have included a suggestion on how to add a few spices on our recipe card if desired. 

What You Get
  • Natural vanilla cookie mix(s)
  • Pure icing sugar
  • Plant-based food colouring
  • Natural sprinkles
  • Keepsake cookie cutter and embosser
  • Disposable piping bags
  • (Optional) Wooden rolling pin
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Wooden spatula
What You Need
  • Wooden rolling pin (sold separately)
  • Fresh ingredients: egg & butter (or allergy-friendly alternatives)
  • Glad wrap (to wrap and chill the cookies)
  • We use 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Learn more about the ingredients and allergy statements in your kit HERE

100% Natural Ingredients

Vegan, gluten-free & allergy friendly alternatives available

"Just want to say thank you. My daughter can't have gluten or dairy and I found it so hard to find allergy-friendly cakes. We bought the gf mix and used dairy-free ingredients and it tasted delicious! 🙌"

"Just a note to say how fantastic it is to find all the cake ingredients are health conscious and affordable. My little girl is autistic and so the processed stuff makes her body extremely 'noisy'. I'm so relieved to have found your cake kits."

"I'm not a cake baker but I had so much fun with your kit, and it tastes amazing!!"

"I'll be the first to admit I'm the world's worst baker so the fact that I could make this and for it to taste good is a miracle! Thank you, Bake Believe!"

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Watch how easy baking becomes with Bake Believe Cookie Kits!

Foolproof kits, made for first time bakers

We're on a mission to make baking not only delicious, easy and fun but also sustainable and inclusive.

A conscious choice

As well as carefully selecting 100% natural ingredients^, we also strive to ensure that our packaging is eco-friendly, whenever food quality is not compromised.

We believe in the power of inclusivity and are passionate about helping parents make awesome cakes, cupcakes and cookies with their little (& big!) helpers, even if they can't bake!

We are also proud to provide employment opportunities to people with disabilities. Giving each of them the opportunity to use their super powers and make a positive impact.

^All our images are 100% edible, or simply peel off before serving to keep natural.